145 Central Park  10-20

145 Central Park North EAS

145 Central Park 10-20The applicant proposed to construct an approximately 61,381 gsf mixed-use residential building at 145 Central Park North in Manhattan. The building would be 14 stories high and would have 24 residential units as well as recreational and community facility space on the ground floor. Sam Schwartz Engineering asked SEA to address potential impacts from air quality and noise.


Air Quality

  • Stationary source screen for HVAC
  • Air toxics screen


  • Noise monitoring for AM, Midday, and PM periods
  • Traffic classification counts
  • Calculation of traffic growth
  • Mobile source noise using passenger car equivalents (PCES)
  • Recommendation of minimum OITC ratings for windows

SEA has carried out analyses of air quality and noise for numerous small projects throughout the five boroughs of NYC. Sometimes, SEA works directly for the developer, and sometimes the firm works with a larger team of environmental consultants.

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