Spencer 10-20

165 Spencer Street School EAS

Spencer 10-20

The applicant, Bnos Square of Williamsburg, proposed to convert an existing four-story warehouse on the site, which is located in M1-2 manufacturing district, into a four-story school for 597 students utilizing the existing structure. The site was located in an industrial area in Brooklyn, and NYCDEP was especially concerned about an auto painting shop that was adjacent to the site. As a subconsultant to Equity Environmental Engineering, SEA obtained copies of the material data sheets for the paints used by the auto painting facility and modeled numerous toxic pollutants. None of the concentrations exceeded state or federal standards at the project site.


  • HVAC stationary source screen for proposed school
  • AERMOD modeling of NO2 and PM2.5 from nearby cogeneration units
  • Air toxics analysis using Industrial Source Screen
  • AERMOD modeling of adjacent auto paint shop emissions

Air Quality

SEA has carried out other projects that required analysis of auto painting facilities. The analysis for this project reflected the industry’s shift from powder-based paints to waterborne paints, which have lower VOCs and a higher paint transfer efficiency, resulting in lower emissions.

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