1776 Boston Road

1776 Boston Road Composite Indoor Noise Calculations

1776 Boston RoadHigh Hawk LLC sought a Zoning Map Amendment that would allow the development of an eight-story low income housing building at 1776 Boston Road in the Crotona Park East section of the Bronx. In addition to residential uses, the building would have commercial uses on the ground floor and a community facility on the first floor. The site was adjacent to an elevated rail line and had an E designation for noise that required windows to have an OITC attenuation rating of 35 dBA. During the construction period, SEA prepared calculations of interior noise levels for every room on every façade under a subcontract with Environmental Project Data Services Company. The results were accepted by the Office of Environmental Remediation, and the developer ordered windows with a maximum attenuation of 32 dBA.



  • 24-hour noise monitoring at two on-site locations
  • Calculated composite window/wall transmission loss for every room, based on outdoor noise levels
  • Coordinated with architect regarding modification to some window and wall specifications
  • Identified minimum window attenuation ratings to ensure interior L10 noise level of 45 dBA for residential units and 50 dBA for commercial and common areas

SEA has performed similar studies for other developers. This includes 1922 Boston Road, Wythe Avenue Yeshiva, and 41st Street Woodside.

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