Belleayre Ski Resort

Belleayre Ski Resort EIS

Belleayre Ski ResortTwo projects were proposed for Belleayre Mountain in the Town of Shandaken in Ulster County, NY. The first project was the expansion of the Belleayre Mountain Ski Center; the second was the modified Belleayre Resort at Catskill Park. The expanded ski center would be used for new ski trails and would therefore need snowmaking capacity. The trails would be west of the existing Deer Run ski trail and in the Town of Shandaken. They also would be close to new lodging units to be developed in two proposed resort complexes. SEA carried out fieldwork and prepared the noise technical report for existing conditions as a subconsultant to Stantec Consulting.



  • Identified noise sources such snow-making equipment (snow guns), snow grooming equipment, snow removal, parking lot activities, traffic, and portable diesel generators
  • NYSDOT noise monitoring procedures
  • Identified receptor locations that would be:
    • sensitive to noise from equipment, construction, and/or blasting
    • representative of the Wilderness and Wild Forest
    • adjacent to roadways that would experience additional traffic during operational and construction periods
  • Monitored baseline noise levels:
    • at seven sites within a one-mile radius of the proposed ski center and
    • at four sites within a one to two-mile radius
    • during daytime, evening, and nighttime periods
  • Prepared Noise Technical Report for DEIS.

SEA’s report was transmitted to Ecology and Environment, Inc., where it was incorporated into the DEIS and included as a technical appendix.

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