Crotona Park East

Crotona Park East/West Farms Rezoning EIS

Crotona Park EastIndustco Holdings, LLC proposed to rezone 70 lots on 11 blocks in the Crotona Park East section of the Bronx, NY, which would result in up to 1,251 dwelling units and 84,450 sf of retail space on 14 lots controlled by the applicant. A school also was proposed. On the remaining lots, it could generate 2,139 dwelling units and 144,350 sf of retail space. SEA carried out the air quality, noise, and hazardous materials assessments as a subcontractor to Stantec Consulting. Using AERMOD, SEA modeled HVAC stacks from buildings on nearly every lot to be rezoned.


Air Quality

  • Traffic air quality modeling with CAL3QHC
  • AERMOD modeling of HVAC stacks throughout rezoning area
  • Garage air quality using NYC CEQR Technical Manual
  • Air toxics using Industrial Source Screen and AERMOD
  • Recommendations for E designations
  • Construction analysis


  • Noise monitoring and traffic classification counts
  • Traffic noise using PCE’s and FHWA’s TNM Model.
  • TNM Modeling for complex intersections with elevated roadways
  • Playground noise from proposed school
  • Recommendations for window/wall attenuation
  • Recommendations for E designations
  • Construction analysis with FHWA’s RCNM

Hazardous Materials Assessment

  • Site reconnaissance of lots and land uses within rezoning area
  • Acquisition and review of historical Sanborn maps, aerial photos, USGS maps, city directories, and government records
  • Review of previous Phase I and Phase II studies for 15 properties
  • Recommendations for E designations
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