Faztec Fill Material Transfer Station

Faztec Fill Material Transfer Station EAS

Faztec Fill Material Transfer StationFaztec Industries Recycling and Materials facility at 200-220 Bloomfield Avenue in Staten Island, NY, has a current DSNY permit for throughput of 1,300 cy/day and 42,000 cy of storage. Under the proposed action, Faztec proposes to increase its daily throughput to 5,000 cy/day and its storage to 90,000 cy. SEA carried out air quality and noise analyses as a subcontractor to Shapiro/Walden Engineering. SEA also coordinated with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection and the NYC Department of Sanitation in developing future scenarios and protocols. This project is nearing the final stages of approval.


Air quality

  • Nonroad model for equipment emission factors
  • MOVES2010b model for truck emission factors
  • AERMOD modeling of pollutant concentrations from on-site vehicles, equipment, and storage piles
  • CAL3QHCR modeling of PM2.5, and PM10 for off-site trucks using a Tier II analysis
  • Recommendations of mitigation measures


  • Noise monitoring and vehicular classification counts
  • Calculation of PCE’s for trucks and background traffic

This is one of many projects carried out for fill material transfer stations and solid waste processing facilities. Similar projects include All City Recycling, American Recycling Management, USA Recycling, Hunters Point FMTS, South Shore Recycling, DeCostole Carting, and a dozen others.

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