Finger Lake

Finger Lake LPG Storage SDEIS Review

Finger LakeFinger Lakes LPG Storage, LLC proposes to store 88 million gallons of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in underground salt caverns near Lake Seneca in Reading, NY. The project also includes a six-rail siding, and a 24-hour truck loading facility. Pursuant to NYSDEC’s 1992 Generic EIS for the Oil, Gas, and Solution Mining Regulatory Program, only a project-specific Supplemental EIS (SEIS) was required. Local opposition arose over the scope and findings of the Draft SEIS because the region is a significant tourist destination with wineries, historic sites, scenic roads, bed-and-breakfasts, and Watkins Glen State Park. Residents also were concerned about impacts to natural resources. Earthjustice retained consultants to review the SDEIS. SEA focused on noise impacts to residential and recreational uses, which also would affect the Community Character and Economic impact analysis.



  • Monitored noise levels at multiple sites
  • Literature review of noise transmission over water and long distances
  • Calculated noise transmission over Lake Seneca, documenting significant noise impact that had not been disclosed
  • Review of SDEIS, NYSDEC noise guidelines, town ordinances, and noise reports by others
  • Identified crucial mistakes regarding non-compliance with NYSDEC noise guidance and standard industry practice:
    • improper receptor identification with a woefully undersized region of influence
    • improper monitoring site selection (included improper locations, reported noise parameters, and field notes on sources)
    • Construction noise impacts not analyzed
    • Worst case impacts not analyzed
    • Noise transmission over Lake Seneca not analyzed

SEA has reviewed other consultants’ work on numerous other projects, such as Kings Park Asphalt and Sterling Forest Resort EIS.

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