Flushing Meadows East EAS

Flushing Meadows East Rezoning EAS

Flushing Meadows East EASAvery Fowler Owners proposed a zoning map amendment, changing the zoning from M1-1 and M1-2 to C2-6A on an entire block (Block 5076) in the neighborhood of Flushing, Queens. The uses on the block included a gas station and two live poultry establishments. All but one of the lots were included in five Projected Development Sites with a total of approximately 378 residential units and 148,100 square feet of commercial floor area. The five buildings would range from five to seven stories in height and would vary in size with setbacks of varying heights and recesses. They would provide approximately 268 subsurface parking spaces, of which the largest would be 91 spaces. SEA carried out air quality analyses as a subcontractor to Equity Environmental Engineering. The modeled results showed no potential impacts, and the project was approved.


Air Quality

  • Traffic air quality CO screen
  • Traffic air quality modeling of PM2.5¬†and PM10 for elevated Van Wyck Expressway using CAL3QHCR
  • Garage air quality using NYC CEQR Technical Manual
  • AERMOD modeling of HVAC stacks
  • Recommended stack parameters to avoid impacts
  • E designation text for HVAC stacks
  • Air toxics analysis using Industrial Source Screen

This is one of many rezoning EASs that SEA has worked on. Some others include Fort Hamilton Parkway EAS, W. 117th Street Rezoning EAS, Pitkin Avenue Rezoning EAS, Wyckoff Rezoning EAS, and Bushwick Rezoning EAS.

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