Fort Hamilton Parkway EAS

Fort Hamilton Parkway Rezoning EAS

Fort Hamilton Parkway EASFort Hamilton, LLC, desired a zoning map amendment to rezone four lots on two blocks in the Borough Park neighborhood of Brooklyn. This would permit construction of a six-story, mixed-use building containing 99,034 gsf. It would house a medical clinic, commercial space, and a below-grade accessory garage. The current uses on the four lots included an abandoned service station, an abandoned residential building occupied by squatters, and a monastery. As a subconsultant to the law firm of Greenberg Traurig, SEA carried out air quality and noise studies, as well as a Phase I ESA based on ASTM E 1527-13. The project is currently moving forward.


Air Quality

  • Traffic air quality modeling of PM2.5 and PM10 using MOVES2010b and CAL3QHCR
  • Garage CO and PM2.5 using NYC CEQR Technical Manual, MOVES2010b, and CAL3QHCR
  • Stationary source screen for HVAC
  • Air toxics analysis using Industrial Source Screen


  • Noise monitoring
  • Mobile source noise using passenger car equivalents (PCES)

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

  • Site visit of abandoned service station and residential building
  • Observation of adjacent properties and neighborhood to identify or verify the presence of drycleaners or industrial sites
  • Acquisition, review, and reporting of historical information for Sanborn maps, aerial photos, USGS maps, city directories and government records
  • Phase I ESA report using EDR’s Parcel Platform
  • Recommendations for Phase II testing
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