Hamilton Wetlands

Hamilton Wetlands Consulting

Hamilton WetlandsMatrix Development Group requested SEA’s assistance in resolving a wetlands issue in Hamilton Township, NJ. The site had an engineering design for a large building for a Fortune 500 company. Part of the site had an existing Letter of Interpretation (LOI) that was valid for another year. However, the majority of the site had an expired LOI, upon which the engineering plans had been designed. When the client asked NJDEP to re-issue the LOI with the original delineation, NJDEP’s field review found several additional wetland areas. Other consultants hired to assist the client subsequently reported that the property contained even larger additional wetlands that would require a complete redesign of the site. Matrix turned to Sandstone for help. The firm mapped wetlands that were only slightly larger than shown on the prior LOI and did not significantly affect the project’s original site design. SEA successfully defended that position in a joint field review with NJDEP senior staff.



  • Review of wetlands delineations by others
  • Wetlands delineation
  • Joint field review with NJDEP senior staff
  • Successful negotiations with NJDEP regarding regulated areas

Other projects requiring SEA’s services in wetlands and water quality include Taconic Estates and Review of TVA Paradise Fossil Plant.

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