PS 35 10-20


PS 35 10-20The New York City School Construction Authority (SCA) desired to construct a 4-story expansion to the existing P.S. 35Q (Nathaniel Woodhull School) at 191-02 90th Avenue in Hollis, Queens, New York. The expansion would increase the school’s capacity by 65 percent from 538 to 890 student seats. Since it would be partially located in an area that was used as a school yard, a new play yard would be established as part of the proposed action. Philip Habib & Associates asked SEA to address potential noise impacts. Future noise levels at nearby homes due to the new playground were a particular source of concern.



  • Noise monitoring
  • Traffic noise screen
  • Playground noise impact analysis
  • Recommendation of minimum OITC ratings for windows in the school addition to maintain an interior PM10 noise level of 45 dBA.

As a member of the environmental team for consecutive 3-year contracts with the NYC SCA, SEA has carried out air quality and noise studies for numerous proposed schools. The firm also has done similar studies for private developers for colleges and universities.

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