Astoria Cove EIS 2

Astoria Cove EIS

Astoria Cove EIS 22030 Astoria Developers, LLC, desired to redevelop an 8.7-acre site in the Astoria section of Queens. It would be a mixed-use development comprised of 1,689,416 gross sf of residential use; 109,470 gross sf of retail space, a 456-seat elementary school, 900 parking spaces; and 83,800 sf of open space. Construction would last nine years. SEA carried out air quality and noise analyses as a subcontractor to Philip Habib & Associates. SEA also coordinated with the NYC Departments of City Planning and Environmental Protection in developing analysis protocols.


Air Quality

  • AERMOD modeling for HVAC stacks
  • E designation recommendations and text
  • Traffic air quality using MOVES2010b and CAL3QHCR for Tier II analysis
  • Garage analysis using CEQR Technical Manual, MOVES2010b and CAL3QHCR
  • AERMOD modeling of construction trucks and equipment

Construction Noise

  • Ambient noise monitoring for construction sites
  • Calculation of cumulative noise levels to identify worst case receptors during construction
  • FHWA’s RCNM model for worst-case periods and locations
  • Datakustic’s CADNA for worst-case periods and locations
  • Recommendation of construction mitigation measures.

This is one of many projects carried out for large-scale EISs. Similar projects include Port Morris Rezoning EIS, Crotona Park/West Farms Rezoning EIS, 770 11th Avenue EIS, and Chappaqua Crossing EIS.

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