South Nyack

South Nyack Construction Noise

South NyackMany of the residents of the Village of South Nyack were significantly impacted by the construction of the New NY Bridge over the Hudson River which would replace the Tappan Zee Bridge. While there had been an EIS process and many mitigation commitments, these measures were not sufficient to prevent significant noise impacts for some residents. SEA was retained by the Village to provide additional factual information to the construction contractors in order to reduce noise impacts. SEA reviewed the noise monitoring protocols and equipment currently employed by the contractor, identified superior equipment with better flexibility and responsiveness, deployed it side by side with the contractor’s equipment for a month, and prepared a report demonstrating key differences. These differences included:

  • Improper location of noise monitoring equipment for accurate determination of compliance with agreed to mitigation goals;
  • Use of an averaging time that is too long and understates the noise impacts; and
  • An unacceptable delay in the posting of the noise monitoring data to the public website.

On the basis of SEA’s findings, the Village is negotiating with the contractor to improve reporting and compliance going forward.



  • Noise monitoring equipment selection and deployment
  • Analysis and comparison of noise monitoring data
  • Meetings with the construction contractor
  • Presentation of the findings to the Board of Trustees of the Village of South Nyack.
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